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We have mixed up all the irregular verbs in the text below, try and find the correct place for each one..

Children on the go Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

Children who can never still cause great disruption both at home and outside. I them in the surgery. All is relatively quiet until a small package of human energy rushes in. Mother looks exhausted but the child is full of life and only manages to down for about three seconds before rushing around again.

Next thing, you , the consulting room looks as if a bomb has it. The paper clips on the desk are scattered, plants are knocked over and the child has climbed onto the window frame and jumped up and down on my weighing scales before I can "good morning".

My first is that this wilfully disobedient child is suffering from lack of parental discipline. But when it is obvious that the parents are trying their best to control the child - and the child doesn't a blind of notice - there could another underlying problem. Some parents, teachers and doctors label children like this as 'over-active' but it is best not to bundle them all under one label.

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