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We have mixed up all the irregular verbs in the text below, try and find the correct place for each one..

Dealing with acne Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

Acne is one of the most common of all skin problems. It probably causes more distress than any other skin complaint.

Although it is traditionally of as a teenagers' complaint, acne also affects men and women in their 20s, 3Os and even 40s.

One recent report suggested that as many as five per cent of people in their 40s suffer from acne. There is still a considerable amount of confusion about the best way to with acne.

But it is generally agreed that if you can the pores of your skin clean then you won't develop acne spots.

The simplest way to your pores clean is to wash your skin regularly and thoroughly with a slight rough abrasive.

You can special abrasive pastes up of exotic constituents such as strawberries or almonds, but you don't have to lots of money in order to wash out your pores properly. All you really need is a rough face cloth or a fairly soft brush. But remember that it must clean.

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