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We have mixed up all the irregular verbs in the text below, try and find the correct place for each one..

What to tell the doctor Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

So, honest with your doctor. him you've more than one worry, and ask if he can with them at that time. If not, offer to back again when he has more time, and could you a double appointment. That's how I often over this consultation hurdle - by sizing up the problems presented, tackling the most important, and then suggesting that the others can with in depth later.

Time also needs to aside to out whether the advice has . It has calculated that a patient only remembers a third of what has in the surgery, and there's no knowing if it's the important third either. If you don't something, so rather than the wrong end of the , and start worrying over nothing.

Lastly, there is the door-knob situation. The patient talks about a seemingly minor problem. The doctor deals with it, and the consultation ends. The patient reaches the door and turns, saying "Oh, by the way, doctor - I've a discharge." This starts the consultation all over again.

Don't shy. talking about what is worrying you most as soon as you've down and "Good morning". Try not to embarrassed; doctors are trained to talk about delicate matters. Don't afraid to voice your fears. After you've them out they won't seem half so bad, and you'll have the best out of your chat in the surgery.

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