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Blood clots Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

When a patient is on an anticoagulant, bleeding can to some serious troubles. If a patient has a brittle arterial system and an artery ruptures in the brain, bleeding will on for a long time and brain cells will 'drown' in blood.

Occasionally, a patient on anticoagulants will pass blood in the urine. In the kidneys the blood is only in the arteries by very thin membranes to allow the passage through the latter of unwanted materials. Blood with a very prolonged clotting time can leak through these membranes and into the urine.

All this means that when a patient is anticoagulants, a careful check has to on the dosage and the effect they have on the clotting time or 'prothrombin' time. It necessitates a blood sample being and to the "lab" for testing.

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