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We have mixed up all the determiners (a, an, the, that, this) from the text, try and correctly place them.

A new you? Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

So, for example, few inform their customers as many as 50 per cent of breast surgery operations are unsatisfactory. So here are some basic guidelines for you to follow if you ever think about buying some improvements to your appearance.

1. Don't believe anyone who tells you there aren't any risks. There are always risks. Make sure you know what they are.

2. Ask your GP to refer you to plastic surgeon. way you'll know you're seeing reputable surgeon at good hospital. Your GP will be able to help you afterwards. It's important to get your GP onside.

3. Talk to anyone you can find who has had sort of operation

4. See if any members of your family have ever suffered from 'keloid' ( type of skin scarring). If there is family history of keloid, then forget about cosmetic surgery.

5. Decide exactly what you hope to gain from surgery. It is unreasonable to hope your social, business or sex life will improve as result. Nor will cosmetic surgery save failing relationship.

6. Don't spend more on cosmetic surgery than you'd be prepared to spend on holiday.

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