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Drugs and driving Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

If you've been into hospital for surgery or treatment of any kind, then it's wise to allow ten days before you start driving again. anaesthetic will usually wear off fairly quickly but there will inevitably be some tiredness after hospital stay. To drive in first place, you need to be fit, healthy, strong and able to cope with unexpected problems and emergencies. However, there are two specific illnesses that I must mention.

Anyone who has had heart attack would probably be wise to avoid driving for two months or so. When you do start driving again, do so in quiet, off-peak traffic. Anyone who gets heart pain caused by stress or excitement really would be best advised to avoid driving altogether. Driving can produce tremendous periods of stress and heart attack at wheel can be lethal experience for lot of people.

Epileptics are usually told that they can drive if they have had no attacks for at least three years. But, of course, they should stay off road if their treatment is being changed. Those hints will, I hope, prove of some help. But golden rule must always be if you are in doubt, then don't drive! It isn't only your own health that you're putting at risk.

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