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"It's my back, Doc!" Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

Sometimes, immobilisation of back in plaster jacket for six weeks, cures pain, or it may take special injection to do trick.

Nevertheless, some backs never get better and we have to resort to surgery. This may involve removing one of discs, and fixing spine so that it cannot bend at affected level.

These "failed backs" are source of sorrow to doctor and distress to patient; no one knows why some backs turn out this way.

What should you do when your back goes? Rest as soon as possible, preferably on hard bed, and take painkillers for as long as it takes to ease pain.

Hot baths will help to relax back, but remember have someone around who can help you if you get stuck.

Back pains that don't get better on this regime after four weeks need looking into. But you must have been to see your doctor about certificate long before then, so he will guide you through backache maze.

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