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Growing pains Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

These three varieties of lead to quite a lot of anxiety and worry. Medical advice is often for conditions which not psychological, but merely physical. Parents to realise their child is growing and needs new freedoms, so as they not too 'permissive'. The physical symptoms that begin include headaches, dyspepsia, irritability, and insomnia. Parents by providing a stable home and taking an interest in the youngster's hobbies or sports.

Sport is a wonderful way of working off a growing of and muscular ability. But parents all they to encourage teenagers to in sports, it is worse for them to push their son or daughter into activities they obviously hate. They also avoid expressing disappointment if their young hopeful doesn't win a swimming or athletic prize.

As for "keeping with the young Joneses", I believe it is much to a youngster follow the fashion trends. It is far more useful for a parent to intervene if there is a chance a teen affected psychologically by their physical appearance, for example, seeking treatment if their son or daughter develops severe acne or dealing with weight issues.

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