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Sweet dreams (How to improve your sleep) Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

The quality and quantity of sleep we is very important. It is during sleep that our batteries recharge and our brain sorts the day's accumulated problems. During the day millions of bits and pieces of information fed into the average brain. After 16 hours of this, the brain becomes information-logged. It needs a rest.

Just as different brains different things with the same information, so different brains varying amounts of time in which to recover from the input of all this information. The amount of sleep varies just as much as fingerprints vary. A newborn baby needs 15 hours sleep a day, the average amount of sleep an adult needs is eight hours. Some by with three, others ten.

There many ways to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. First, sure that you tired when you to bed. You to physically tired, not just mentally tired. If you try to to bed after working on books and paperwork for hours, you'll probably that the problems of the day insist on popping into your . Try for a walk, or doing a few exercises before you try to sleep. Also remember that your bed, and bedroom, comfortable if you to sleep . Good beds not cheap, but you probably spend a third of your life in it, so corners too much.

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