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Student donors (Teacher: David)

Everyone a great time during freshers' week, registering for societies and grabbing a few freebies. This year however, 2,500 students all across the country something extra special and signed to a lifesaver.

As of its “You to a surgeon to save lives” campaign, UK Transplant visited a host of freshers' fairs across the UK aiming to increase the of potential organ donors. The UK Transplant team a giant version of the retro-classic board game “Operation” to each fair to engage with undergraduates on the subject of organ donation.

UK Transplant is also raising awareness of the issue by promoting an online game organ-ise.org.uk, where the best surgeon each week wins their very version of “Operation” - a for every student digs! Students encouraged to organ-ise and forward it to friends to spread the about the importance of organ donation.

Behind these fun ideas is a very serious message as Debbie Chatting, Marketing and Campaigns Manager for UK Transplant explained: “In the UK there is a critical shortage of donated organs for transplant - around 8,000 currently a transplant and more than 400 die each year waiting. I to a big thank you to the students who signed to the NHS Organ Donor Register so far and encourage every person to discuss their wishes with their family and friends to ensure their wishes carried , the time ever .”

To date, 2461 undergraduates signed to the register at freshers' fairs, but UK Transplant is keen to add to this so that more lives saved.

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