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Medical Jokes (Teacher: Michael)

There this guy in the hospital that scheduled for surgery. On the morning of his operation he starts yelling that he wants coffee. The nurse comes in and asks him to quiet, as he is disturbing the other patients.
"But I've coffee every morning for forty years and I a cup of coffee NOW!" he screamed.

The nurse quickly and silently counts to ten and replies, "Now sir, you realize that you due to into surgery in an hour and you can't anything on your stomach. Couldn't you without coffee just this once?"

The guy starts to rant more and the doctor comes in to what is the with the patient. The nurse explains the situation to him and the doctor turns to the belligerent in bed before him, "You understand that you can't anything in your stomach before surgery, you?"

"I care. I. . Some. Coffee!!!!"
The doctor thinks for a minute and , "Very . you what; the only way we you any coffee is through an enema. that you happy?"
The guy pauses and replies, ", if that's the only way I any coffee around here..."

So the doctor tells the nurse to the guy a coffee enema to him quiet. The nurse returns with an enema bag and a fresh pot of hot coffee.
She pours it into the bag, greases the applicator and sticks it the guy's ass. "Ah, hot coffee!" the guy with a satisfied tone.
All of a sudden he starts into bitching and complaining again. "What's the this time?!" the exasperated nurse yells . " too sweet!" the guy replies.

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