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How to get the best out of prescribed drugs Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

Every year I many letters from readers who suffered unpleasant problems with prescribed drugs. Sometimes the problems unavoidable. But often, the effects avoided - if the patient a little more about how to drugs safely.

Here, therefore some tips on how to the best of prescribed drugs. These tips from The Patient's Companion, a Corgi paperback.

1. Always follow any specific instructions that you about the drugs.

2. Learn the names and purposes of the drugs you . If you not sure when to drugs you , check with your doctor or the pharmacist. If you you forget instructions, sure they written .

3. not remove drugs from their proper container except when taking them or if you transferring them to a special pill box designed to carry one day's supplies.

4. Store drugs in a locked cupboard where the temperature is fairly stable.

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