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Homeopathy - What is it? Part 4 (Teacher: Michael)

But in acute , fevers for instance, the homeopathic physician again approaches his problems in quite a different way to the ordinary doctor. What the latter nowadays? He usually chooses one of the many sulphonamides or antibiotic drugs which he thinks, or proved in the laboratory, most readily deal with the microbes responsible for the illness, so that the patient time to develop his defensive mechanisms, kill the microbes, and thus .

However not infrequently the patient to recover, not only from his original infection, but from the effects or poisoning caused by the drug , as you experienced. The homeopathic physician having his physical diagnosis, not, however, this named disease as an indication for the remedy to . To select the remedy he also note of the speed with which the illness developed, the height and character of the fever, the question as to whether the patient is restless or not, a thirst or not, and if he is thirsty whether it is for large or small draughts; if he is suffering pain, whether it is or worse for movement of the painful , from pressure or the application of heat or cold, etc.

Also if the patient is delirious, the type of delirium is important to observe before deciding on the remedy required. By combining the answers to these questions, the physician is led to a remedy which a similar combination of answers when proved on a healthy person during research. There no effects to overcome and the of the illness is usually remarkably free from complications and the convalescence is very quick. By choosing the remedy in this way, the homeopathic physician very good for believing he is getting at the root of the trouble: and so when the symptoms abate, it is because the disease process - the cause of the symptoms - is rid of.

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