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Homeopathy - What is it? Part 3 (Teacher: Michael)

In consequence of this attitude of the homeopathic physician, he not only tries to a physical diagnosis of the patient, just as his allopathic colleague, but realises that this is not sufficient for the purpose of treatment. He diagnose the patient as a whole. He therefore goes on to what sort of a he is dealing with. Is he happier in hot or cold weather? he fear thunder? he prefer to alone or in company? When ill, he to a fuss of or to severely alone? It is through such reactions that the patient's personality becomes a guide to the homeopathic remedy. If these reactions altered in any way through the patient's illness, they particularly valuable as pointers to remedies.

This is so because in the first , certain drugs to healthy by researchers, who particularly for changes produced by these drugs, not only on the physical body of the prover, as the healthy person taking the drug is called, but also on his mental, emotional and climatic reactions. These indications of great value, especially in the treatment of chronic complaints.

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