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Homeopathy - What is it? Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

The of the minute dose by the homeopathic physician underlines one of the great differences between the two schools of medicine. The allopathic, or orthodox doctor often tends to as large a dose as possible, of doing obvious harm to his patients, whereas the homeopathic physician seeks usually for the smallest dose that his patient; in fact, very often the dose is so small that it beyond the of any chemist to detect the drug by ordinary analysis, as only the potency or emanation of the original drug is in the preparation. It is this immateriality of the homeopathic method that is one of the stumbling blocks to its more general adoption in this very material .

How the homeopathic physician arrive at his prescription? He never forgets that there is really no such thing as a disease in the abstract: there only sick . The whole individual is always in his . He realises that the whole is more than the sum total of his organs. Indeed, it that the physical, mortal body is but an instrument through which the immortal personality of the is able to manifest itself on this plane and into relationship with other personalities and his environment generally.

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