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Stopping smoking Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

Many patients who smoking refuse to try, because they believe the minute they stop smoking they start putting on extra weight.

Among women in particular, this is a powerful disincentive to giving smoking.

It is that weight gain is a fairly common problem among former smokers. But there several things that you to sure that you avoid this particular problem.

First, you sure that you learn how to cope with the inevitable moments of stress in your life.

Tobacco a soothing, and calming effect, and if you giving smoking, then you exceptionally vulnerable to stress and pressure - particularly for the first few weeks.

Eating is a relaxing and soothing occupation too, and you quite likely to to food for support If you haven't learnt how to relax and deal with stress.

Second, try to your fingers busy. If you to having a cigarette in your mouth and between your fingers, then you it all too easy to swap the cigarette habit for a food habit.

Many former smokers to munching crisps and biscuits and sucking sweets all day . To avoid this risk, your fingers something inedible to with.

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