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We have mixed up all the determiners (a, an, the, that, this) from the text, try and correctly place them.

The Quintessence of Hahnemann’s Organon Part 4 (Teacher: Michael)

Aphorism 68 says only very small doses of drugs are required to stimulate and mimic curative secondary effects vital force can mount to throw off disease or drug. Aphorism 69 declares allopathy is uncurative medical system. Aphorisms 70-72 give summary of all points made so far in Organon. Aphorism 73 considers acute disease and aphorisms 74 and 77-79 consider chronic diseases. Aphorisms 80-82 consider three miasmatic chronic disorders as dyscrasias. rest of book comprises supplements about taking case and other matters, without making any substantially new points to those above. Therefore, above points comprise core of homeopathic philosophy.

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