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We have mixed up all the determiners (a, an, the, that, this) from the text, try and correctly place them.

The Quintessence of Hahnemann’s Organon Part 3 (Teacher: Michael)


Aphorisms 16, 19 and 22 state only medicines like disease is truly curative. These aphorisms outline ‘law of similars.’ Aphorisms 20 and 21 declare spirit-like nature of drug in both its curative and its health-deranging action. Aphorism 23 states any system employing medical contraries is uncurative system. Aphorisms 24, 25, 27 and 28 declare absolute superiority of similars in medicine. Aphorism 26 declares displacement by similars is curative. Aphorisms 29 and 43-47 declare only displaced diseases based on similars have been truly and fully cured without leaving any residue of disease cause in organism. Aphorisms 32-35 and 50-51 state only drugs employed for disease displacement are curative if they are employed correctly – i.e. by law of similars. Aphorisms 36-42, 48 and 54-57 all declare dissimilar diseases and contrary drugs are similarly uncurative.

Aphorism 52 states aggravations are more likely from using similar drugs, which can inflame symptoms of disease. Aphorism 53 speaks of mild and gentle nature of true cures. Aphorism 58 states medicine based on anti-pathic methods may palliate and give temporary symptom relief, but such treatment of parts and disease labels is not effective in longer run or for disease as totality. Aphorism 59 explores primary and secondary effects of drugs. Aphorisms 60 and 62 say only suppression, not cure, ensues from use of contraries [allopathy]. Aphorism 61 states safe true cures are only obtained through similar [homeopathic] drugs. Aphorism 63 medicines derange vital force – is their spirit-like power [provings] and is called primary action. Aphorism 64 says body mounts counter-attack against primary attack and reaction is mounted by vital force and comprises secondary effect of drug. Aphorisms 65 and 66 explore with detailed examples primary and secondary actions of drugs. Aphorism 67 - only homeopathy is truly beneficial to health.

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