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We have mixed up all the determiners (a, an, the, that, this) from the text, try and correctly place them.

The Quintessence of Hahnemann’s Organon Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

The Quintessence of Hahnemann’s Organon

The essence of Organon mostly resides in first 82 aphorisms, and when these are correctly summarised we can begin to get clearer overview of entirety of Hahnemann’s medical thinking. short article attempts to give precisely such view. Initially, summary of Organon will be attempted, followed by short discussion of main points it conveys.

Aphorism 1 states mission of physician is to heal gently and safely, to place patient in greater freedom: "to establish freedom should be aim of physician, and if physician’s work does not result in placing his patient in freedom he cannot heal sick." [Kent, 1900, 79]

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