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Glaucoma Part 2 (Ms Catia Sicari) Reskeon Newsletter, Australia - Sept 2003 (Teacher: Michael)

The symptoms of Glaucoma

While there many types of glaucoma, the most common type, chronic/primary open-angle glaucoma is often referred to as the 'Sneak thief of sight'. It develops slowly over many years without any obvious symptoms or signs until the vision starts to disappear. A damage that is IRREVERSIBLE. The person who glaucoma generally completely unaware of what is happening because the effect of this gradual reduction in the vision is impossible to self-detect and possibly one eye is affected in the first instance. If this is the case, the good eye cover for the affected eye until a majority of nerve fibres damaged, and a large of vision destroyed.

Glaucoma cured or prevented but it effectively managed and controlled. The golden rule to minimise sight disability from glaucoma is early detection and proper treatment. Treatment recover what lost, but it arrest, or at the very least, slow the damaging process if it is detected early. Hence the importance of glaucoma awareness and the to detect the problem as early as possible, to able to start treatment (usually daily eye drops) with as little damage to the vision as possible. In some glaucoma cases treatment many include laser and/or surgery.

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