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Medical Jokes (Teacher: Michael)

Things you to hear during surgery:

1. "Oops."
2. "Rats, I forgot my glasses again."
3. "Dang it, not again."
4. "Hey bring that !! Bad dog. A human bone is no toy for a dog!"
5. "Someone call the janitor, we a BIG mess again."
6. "Shoot, I can't my arm of her . to to it off."
7. "And now we the ape's brain in the subject's body."
8. "That's cool! you his leg twitch?
9. "What? They're missing that too? Oh , I guess we'll to try how to remember how to surgery."
10. "What you he wasn't in for a sex ?"
11. "Oops. Hey, anyone ever survived 500ml of this stuff before?"
12. "Ya , there's big money in kidneys. Shoot- the guy's two of 'em."
13. " you stop that thing from thumping, throwing my concentration off."
14. "You forgot what he in for? Oh , let's surprise him."
15. "Accept this sacrifice, O Great Lord of Darkness."
16. "Wait a minute. If this is his spleen, then what's that?"
17. " me that...uh...that uh....thingie."
18. "Um, is this thing supposed to moving? Cause I about to choke the patient."

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