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05 - Pharmacist - Enquiring about a problem

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A typical situation in a pharmacy where a pharmacist greets a customer and enquires (asks) about a medical problem.

Note that (“See how”) the pharmacist starts by asking:

"Good afternoon. Can I help you?" This is the most usual way of starting contact with a customer in any type of situation. The word 'How' can be added before the word 'Can' to similar effect, ie: "How can I help you?".

See how the pharmacist starts different types of questions:

How often...?

The pharmacist asks "How often do you have to go?"
This refers to how often the customer needs to go to the toilet.

Medical words: diarrhoea, headache, stomach

Possible problematic words: loose (seems), (upset), (wining and dining) (“you can say that again”)

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