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Glaucoma Part 3 (Ms Catia Sicari) Reskeon Newsletter, Australia - Sept 2003 (Teacher: Michael)

Asked who is at risk, Ms Sicari that although anyone can glaucoma, some people have a higher risk, such as a family history of glaucoma, diabetes, migraine, short-sightedness (myopia), past or present eye injury, high blood pressure and past or present use of cortisone drugs (steroids). 'Glaucoma Australia' recommends all people to have a glaucoma test every 2 -3 years by the age of 40 and for people in the at-risk groups to start their glaucoma tests no later than the age of 35.
Ms Sicari that regular glaucoma tests every 2 - 3 years are the best way to detect glaucoma early. A glaucoma test usually consists of an eye pressure test, an examination of the optic nerve with dilation drops and a visual field assessment if needed (this tests the sensitivity of the side vision, where glaucoma strikes first).
Finally, Ms Sicari glaucoma is a serious and common eye disease that can cause vision loss if untreated. If you haven't had a glaucoma test, to your eye specialist, local optometrist or family doctor, and Eye Wise to avoid glaucoma blindness.

This information talk on this important subject by Ms Catia Sicari from Glaucoma Australia.

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