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A question of (the baby's) sex Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

In past few years I've seen number of patients wanting to know how they can choose sex of their baby. Reports from different experts around world have aroused hopes and expectations - and many parents-to-be have come into surgery convinced they'll be able to have boy or girl with hardly any chance of error.

The truth is, of course, it isn't possible to provide 100 per cent sure way of ensuring couple get baby they want. But there are lots of people who claim to know of methods which improve odds little from normal 50 per cent chance. Hazel Phillips, for example, worked out formula . she claimed has success rate of over 80 per cent. She described her method in book called Girl or Boy? she wrote few years ago with Tessa Hilton.

According to Hazel, first thing you have to do is work out when ovulation takes place. There are various ways of doing , but simplest is probably to remember ovulation normally takes place 14, days before next period starts. It is possible to get more accurate idea of when ovulation takes place by plotting daily temperatures - but can be rather tedious and time-consuming.

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