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Migraines Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

To find out whether or not any one of these triggers are responsible, migraine sufferer must keep close record of everything that he or she consumes for month or two. Only then will pattern emerge, showing some relationship between migraine attacks and particular food.

A more general cause of migraine is stress. When this is cause, attack usually occurs when individual is relaxing - often at weekend, for example. When attack occurs, pain and extreme discomfort can often be relieved to degree by use of ordinary painkillers such as aspirin or paracetamol. If these don't work, then it's probably best to get doctor's prescription for one of more powerful products available.

It isn't always easy to deal with pain and discomfort efficiently and I strongly recommend that any sufferer try to identify cause. If cause is particular food, then obvious answer is to cut it out of diet - for year or two at least. If stress is cause, then answer is either to cut back on stress-producing activities, or to learn how to relax more efficiently. Preventing migraines takes some effort, but effort is usually worthwhile.

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