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Close Shave Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

Since majority of men do not have time to go to barber, and therefore do their own shaving, barber's rash is now rarity. Even among few who do attend hairdressing salons, latter are now almost invariably carefully maintained and have high standard of hygiene. Whatever skin condition from which face may suffer, patient must always keep to its own towel. Also, razor must be thoroughly cleaned after every shave, (though actual scalding is said to blunt edge).

Very occasionally patient who uses electric razor gets allergic rash due to chrome or nickel in razor. But it is possible to identify metal responsible and take precautions. Finally, use pleasantly warm water for shaving when you have any skin trouble on face, and don't follow shaving by after-shaving lotion until rash is better.

There are plenty of shaving products for men that are available, such as skin soothers or moisturisers, so, if you are not suffering from any infections, there is no reason why you cannot have close shave and maintain healthy skin.

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