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Close Shave Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

The human skin can suffer from number of diseases, although face is relatively immune. Constant exposure to air and sun protect face from lot if infections that are due to organisms who love dark and damp areas, such as between toes. But for men, any diseases on face can affect shaving. one face rash which is very common is acne. complaint is far more common among youths than any other age group, especially young men.

Unless male patient has desire to grow beard, I advise him to continue shaving but rather sketchily, skating around worst spots. He should use good, unscented soap, or medicated one. Eczema of face is much less common than acne. Again, keep on shaving, but avoid worst areas as far as possible.

Fortunately, eczema rarely lasts for anything like as long as acne. Impetigo, another skin infection, seems to prefer face to any other part of body surface. Germs affect isolated areas of face but do not spread out wards from main areas. Sufferers should seek medical advice since it is very often rapidly cleared up by appropriate antibiotic drug.

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