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Christmas treats Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

There is debate about goose, which is rich in animal fat. In France, where cholesterol-laden duck livers are delicacy and often eaten, incidence of heart disease is relatively low compared to UK.

Christmas cake and pudding are fine, so long as you don't keep eating them all year round. same goes for seconds - fine as one-off treat but not every mealtime.

Even alcohol is acceptable over festive season, so long as it's in moderation and you're not driving. Have occasional alcohol-free day just to let your liver recover bit from boozing and remember that beer is much more fattening than wine as it is full of calories.

I find that it is nice to go for walk with family to get some exercise and 'walk off' your meal. It will also help you work up appetite for next one. Maybe you could use time to visit neighbours or friends.

Another helpful form of exercise is helping out with washing up after meal. Not only will it keep you occupied and perk up mind, it will give cook welcome rest.

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