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Christmas treats Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

The message I give to all my overweight patients at this time of year is "don't come back until end of January!"

My reasoning is simple: I think of Christmas time as treat time, like birthdays and anniversaries - only longer!

Around this time our emotions are at their lowest ebb but Christmas replaced pagan time of rejoicing when it was realised that days would get longer and brighter and shortest days of winter were over for another year. So, let yourself go!

Extra cholesterol very occasionally isn't going to harm you, whereas lots of it every day definitely will.

The good news is (especially if you have lots of leftovers), you can eat as much turkey as you like. White meat is good for you as it is low in cholesterol and those dreaded saturated fats we hear so much about. But hold back on stuffing, as that is different fat game.

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