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Popular poisons Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

Or we may think that those pills doctor gave dad for his gout might be just thing for Auntie Jane's painful toes when next she stays with us. Either destroy medicines left over, or give them back to chemist or doctor. Probably most common cause of accidental poisoning is due to careless way we store liquids. This is very true of pesticides we often keep in greenhouse or shed.

This latter can be most lethal room in house.

There are also lot of cleaning fluids which are kept most casually - anywhere, or in all kinds of bottles or tins. Paraffin and petrol are two of worst examples of this sort of carelessness. Remember, too, that labels rub off or drop off.

Detergents are often stored in ridiculous containers; and so are sleeping tablets. latter are now so common that it has been estimated half population take them at one time or another.

Women's handbags are often very dangerous for children. Aspirin and iron pills are often jumbled up with brushes, used bus or parking tickets, and Pill. Young ladies under ten do not need, or benefit from, latter.

Poisoning is increasing tragedy in modern life; but sad thing is that it is nearly always avoidable.

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