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A pen can help your health Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

First they can write down all their most important symptoms and questions before they get to surgery. They can, therefore, be absolutely sure that they tell doctor everything they wanted to say to him. They can also be positive that they ask all questions they want to.

Secondly, they can write down all advice and information they are given by doctor, such as when they've got to go back to surgery, how often pills they are given have to be taken, what hospital tests are necessary, what foods need to be avoided, what side effects tablets might produce and so on. All of this is important information, especially as consequences of taking some modern drugs in wrong way can. be disastrous.

Misunderstandings really can be fatal and notebook and pencil can save your life! It doesn't have to be large notebook. If you're sensible, you'll limit information you take with you to half page or so. But your doctor won't mind you doing this. Indeed, he'll be enthusiastic. After all, you'll be helping him to be better job.

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