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Reflexology - tickling your fancy part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

Where is it from?
Earliest traces of foot pressure therapy go back as far as 5,000 years, and have been found in China, Japan, Egypt and among Red Indian tribes in Americas. During Dark Ages it found its way to Europe, and forms of "pressure point" therapy were used during Middle Ages by both peasants and aristocracy.

That was then, but how about in modem world?
In late 1890s therapy was rediscovered, becoming popular in United States before arriving in England in 1960s, under its present name of "reflexology".

So what does it actually do?
Reflexologists believe that every part of body is connected by energy pathways which end in reflex areas on feet, hands and head. By working over these areas in systematic way whole body is stimulated to achieve its natural state of good health.

A trained reflexologist can detect tiny deposits or imbalances in feet which mirror congestion or tension in body, and by applying controlled pressure to points will help to relax tension and clear blockages. Although hands may be treated, it is usually more effective on feet.

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