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Reflexology - tickling your fancy Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

Those who are squeamish about feet may not fancy this form of treatment, which involves working on feet to affect different parts of body. However, reflexology is becoming very popular, not only in this country but all over world. It is simple and safe, and - believe it or not - does not tickle even most sensitive of feet.

How simple, and how safe is it?
Well, all patient has to do is remove their shoes and socks, lie back and relax. reflexologist then gets to work, gently pressing with thumbs and fingers over different areas which relate to parts of body. No implements are used and no drugs, so it's completely safe and very enjoyable.

Is it medicine?
No, not really - it's therapy in its own right. But having said that, it works very well with other forms of medicine. Many people who are taking prescribed drugs or undergoing medical treatment find that reflexology reduces or eliminates any unpleasant side effects.

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