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Winding up the body clock Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

Why human body needs to sleep no one really knows - but we can't do without it.

Exactly how much sleep we should have is something medical experts have been debating for years.

Some say we live in sleep-deprived society and should sleep for ten hours in every 24, while most people actually only average around six. Research carried out at Loughborough University's Sleep Research Laboratory shows that people having recommended seven-and-a-half hours cope well and are not sleep deprived.

Sleep expert Professor James Horne points out that even one night's broken sleep leaves people noticeably less alert and with slower reflexes. This can cause insomniacs to be at increased risk of involvement in road accidents.

Poor sleepers also take more sick leave than those who sleep well. Workaholics may like to tell you they can survive on four hours-a night, but they are actually weakening their immune systems and leaving themselves vulnerable to. illness and infections.

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