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A new you? Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

Cosmetic surgery isn't new. For thousands of years people have been visiting doctors and asking them to improve way they look.

And for thousands of years, surgeons have been obliging them.

Today cosmetic surgery is big business. There are hundreds of surgeons who do nothing else but raise sagging bosoms, remove unwanted wrinkles, and turn large noses into small ones.

There are, of course, dozens of special clinics in business which advertise widely and 'sell' cosmetic surgery operations aggressively.

Unfortunately, problems can arise because of huge amounts of money that are to be made out of this type of surgery.

Some sales staff with too little training may 'oversell' cosmetic surgery. Patients are made promises that surgeons can't keep.

And in some cases, unskilled surgeons are hired to do very delicate and potentially hazardous work - with disastrous results.

Clinics are often reluctant to warn patients of potential problems.

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