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Can an unconscious person be aware of his surroundings? Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

An unconscious person appears as if asleep but woken . He not respond to voices or sounds and we naturally assume that he is not aware of what is on around him. A recent report in The Lancet suggests that some individuals who unconscious (in a coma) aware of what is on around them. This is us re-examine our ideas about how the brain functions and what happens in an unconscious person's brain.

We that certain brain areas important for consciousness. For example we brain systems to us awake and to focus our attention (e.g. on what we reading rather than on the music from the next ).. However, we nothing about how the brain thinks. We not how a person initiates plans, makes decisions, or where the of the brain we call, "I" is. We a totally new concept of brain function to understand how the brain thinks.

Oxford mathematician, Sir Roger Penrose, sees this as the "ultimate" mystery. His theory is that the brain. uses quantum mechanics to . Penrose believes that quantum mechanics governs the way multiple tiny tubes called microtubules, that inside nerve cells, together to produce consciousness.

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