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Boils Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

Traditionally it is often thought that boils to covered with special pastes in to draw them. Personally, I that the only useful and necessary treatment is warmth. a wrapped hot bottle over the dressed boil, and not only the boil encouraged to burst, but the pain relieved. Once the boil burst, all you to is the dressing, careful to burn each old dressing as quickly as you , and to wash the skin round the boil with soapy , or into which a little antiseptic poured. Boils very infectious. They of bacteria and dead cells.

If someone in your family suffers from recurrent boils, then it is possible that one member of the family is acting as a carrier. A nose swab from each member of the family is usually a good idea. The organisms responsible for boils often live in the nostrils. Anyone who gets lots of boils his urine tested for sugar, since diabetes is a condition which the development of boils more likely.

Get medical advice about a boil if it is very large or very painful, or doesn't bursting itself. You also a doctor if red lines appear on the skin around a boil, since these suggest that the infection is spreading.

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