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Boils Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

The human body is covered with thousands of tiny hairs. Each one of these tiny hairs grows through the skin from a follicle. If one of these follicles becomes infected, then a swollen, painful, hot, localised red lump develop. That is a boil. Similarly, if a sweat gland, a sebaceous gland, or a small in the skin, becomes infected, the result a boil.

A pimple or spot, by the way, is just an underdeveloped boil. Though they to less common than in the , boils a health hazard to try to avoid. Boils most commonly occur where the skin is rubbed by the clothing. This is why they to develop most frequently in places that most troublesome. The of the neck, where the collar rubs, is a common site.

When a boil develops, the first thing to remember is not to squeeze! This just as easily send the pus downwards and into the tissues, as upwards and into the . The best treatment is the most simple. Just cover the boil with a dry dressing, and it alone to to a and burst.

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