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Your body knows best Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

4. If a small piece of food (for example, a peanut) starts to " the wrong way" into your lungs, then you start to cough. Coughing bring the food - and save your life.
5. Your brain contains a remarkable appetite-control centre, which is designed to sure that you eat the type and the amount of food. Many of us fat and unhealthy because we ignore our body's needs. You stay healthy - and slim - by learning to 'listen' carefully to your body. Eat when you hungry, and stop eating when you full. Grandmother's advice to "eat a little of what you fancy" quite sensible.

6. If a piece of grit blows into your eye, you body produce tears to wash away the grit. more remarkable is the fact that the tears contain an antiseptic.

7. Your body contains a thermostat which is designed to your body's internal temperature stable - whatever the outside temperature . If the weather is hot, then you'll sweat and lose heat. If the weather outside is cold, you'll shiver, and the involuntary muscle movement build your internal temperature.

Obviously, we all outside occasionally. If you break your leg, then you'll from the professionals.

But it is important to remember that your body , often after itself very . Your body knows best more often than you imagine.

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