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54 - Explaining Car Park rules

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In the following clip, a doctor explains the car park rules to a visitor.

The clip opens with the doctor confirming whether the visitor has paid the car park fee as the wardens are very quick to notice people who haven't paid.

The doctor uses the expression 'as keen as mustard' which means always ready to do something, when talking about the wardens.

The doctor explains that the wardens don't even hesitate to clamp the medical staff too.

"They've got eyes like hawks" means that they are always looking carefully for something.

"He'll have got his orange card on the dash." (Dash is the short form of dashboard.)

"I'm only here on a flying visit." (Flying visit - a quick, short visit.)

The clip ends with the doctor confirming with the visitor that the situation is fine: "That's all right, then. Everything under control."

Medical words: medical, disabled

Possible problematic words: sure, paid, display, keen, mustard, wardens, clamp, ticket, penalty, release, staff, official, stickers, watch, hawks, card, control

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