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51 - Giving instructions to new colleagues

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InIn the following clip, a hospital nurse gives directions to a new porter. (Porter - a person that transports patients from one ward to another)

The porter is in need of directions as he doesn't know his way round the hospital very well.

The nurse uses a question tag for confirmation of the porter's name: "Good Morning. Diego - isn't it?" The porter replies by confirming that she has said his name correctly: "Yes, Diego. Good Morning to you."

Note the use of the word 'around' - "I don't know my way around much yet." The word 'around' is a preposition and can be replaced with the word 'round' to have the same meaning.

Medical words: diagnostic, consultant, x-ray

Possible problematic words: fetch, envelope, urgent, changed, complicated, afraid, directions, perhaps, blame

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