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38 - Emergencey call - Describing symptoms

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In the following clip, the young man, who is still clearly shaken, describes the patient's condition to the doctor over the phone.

The doctor asks a number of questions to get as much information as possible before action is taken.

The young man says that Mr Lindley had a "Shooting pain" up his arm and across his chest. A shooting pain is a sudden, quick, sharp pain that causes immediate discomfort.

Mr Lindley is "Sweating like a pig." A good English expression which means; 'Perspiring in large quantities'. (Sweating a lot)

"Down one side" refers to the loss of movement on one side of his body.

"Terribly thirsty" means that the patient is extremely thirsty.

"Another turn" means if the problem reoccurs

Medical words: arm, chest, dizzy, sweating, pain, movement, ambulance

Possible problematic words: entered, stretched, nearly, found, fairly, comfortable, turn

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