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34 - Informing a patient of a final diagnosis

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In the following clip, we see a patient Mr Wilson returning to a doctor for the second batch (group) of test results. The results are quite negative, and clearly show that the patient has cancer of the bowel.

Both the patient and the doctor are quite surprised by the results which neither expected, however, the doctor tries to make clear to the patient that the problem is actually not that serious.

Mr Wilson says: "I haven't slept a wink for days!" meaning he has found sleeping difficult for a while (understandably when you consider he was waiting for important test results).

Medical words: test, results, prognosis, condition, doctors, hospital, cancer, bowel, colonoscopy, die

Possible problematic words: batch, wink, outcome, fairly, pessimistic, seriously, advanced, anyone, thought, showed, clearly, routine, die, serious

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